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Thread: Another Old Copper Whale

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    Default Another Old Copper Whale

    The first pic of this old copper vapor laser head I saw on Ebay showed it on its nose. I sent a message to the seller telling him there was no way someone would buy it after seeing how it was treated, and he put up another pic. Still, it sat there for a few years with no bidders for his outrageous asking price. Finally, I made him a very lowball offer because of the cost of freight, and he took it.

    There was some damage, but it was small. The acrylic tube supports broke so the tube was free to move a bit. Also, a couple of ceramic standoffs broke. Both repairs were made good enough to show, and here it is. A c1987 Plasma Kinetics model 151 (I think) whale of a laser. Trim strips missing from the front are there on the back and will eventually be moved for display.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Plasma Kinetics 151.jpg 
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Name:	Plasma Kinetics 151 Rear.jpg 
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    Save The Whales! Very nice specimen, any idea what it cost back in '87?

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