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Thread: SELEM 2019 sign-up thread

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    I have helicopters do those qualify as drones? Mine are big and slow not trick types. In fact I have to see if it still flies. My uncles dogs did a number on it when I landed. Grabbed it right out of the sky. These have 2-3' diameter blades. Bet you could cut the lawn with it. still electric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kecked View Post
    I have helicopters do those qualify as drones?
    Bring them anyway! A few years back Johny Turpin (Bluefang) did an exhibition flight with his 600 electric heli, and Chris Tate (Lazerjock) had his 450 electric with him one year as well. (I think that might have been the year I brought my 200 and my 450 as well...) And Ed Keefe (ekeefe) keeps talking about his 700 series bird with LEDs on the rotor blades, so maybe this year we can convince him to bring that too.

    Anyway, there's plenty of space in the field across the street to fly RC. Hell, I might even bring some of my old stuff again. (Gotta dust it off though.) Maybe Randy will bring a foamy or two! (Think he's got a few edf models that can really scream...)

    Probably would be good to fly the line-of-sight stuff separately from the FPV quads though, just for safety. But we have lots of time.


    PS: Just a reminder for everyone that Standard Registration closes on Friday (2 days from now). After that the price goes up to $179 and there's no guarantee that you'll get a shirt. Don't miss out!

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    Anyone making this trek from Michigan?
    leading in trailing technology

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