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Thread: Has Anyone Heard from StanWax in the Past Month?

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    Default Has Anyone Heard from StanWax in the Past Month?

    I've been trying to get an issue addressed with a couple non-functional safety boards for a month now and can't get a response from Rob other than an initial 'I'm really busy, but I'll get back to you shortly' from the end of April. Has anyone heard from him? He's usually quite responsive and an awesome vendor, so I consider this really unusual and don't want to overly pester him if he's dealing with a life crisis of some sort. If so, will someone please PM me and let me know?

    As some additional background, I have two working safety boards and two boards that power-up but some components get hot and the boards do not function at all. The working boards are great. The two boards that don't work have nearly sequential serial numbers where-as the boards that function have a significantly lower serial numbers. I need all four boards to go into one projector and I'm kinda stuck until this problem is addressed. I suppose I could have someone brighter than me reverse engineer them and identify the issue, but it is complicated further as the ID numbers are scraped off of all the ICs . . .

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    He's been active on the Facebook group, I gather he's incredibly busy with gigs and out on the road a lot recently.

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    Yeah, I believe he's out of the country working currently (based on the Stroopwaffle pictures on FB...)

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