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Thread: Laserworld PRO 800 RGB only TTL colors

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    Quote Originally Posted by norty303 View Post
    Have you ruled out DAC/software settings by plugging it into a known analogue projector and confirmed you're getting analogue response?
    It sounds like you may have misunderstood the previous suggestions as well.
    The lasers themselves and the drivers for them are separate. The thing that makes a laser analogue or TTL is the driver, not the head itself.
    So if your drivers are TTL, you could just replace the drivers with analogue drivers. The list supplied previously (Lasertack, BBE, Stanwax, etc) are all drivers, not full modules.
    Yes, i have rulled out DAC. I have also tried SD card with v.5 ild and with DMX controller - setting brightness. Nothing worked. I also contacted Laserworld and their answer was that PRO 800RGB has very bad modulation and that nothing can be done by their side. I have send it back today and from now on i won’t buy from Laserworld again (epyn was right about them).
    I also didn’t want to replace anything in that laser because it was under warranty.

    Othervise X-laser looks nice, but it is a little expensive for my hobby (just for home use). And also i am from europe and there is no “local” seller.

    How about Cameo IODA 1000 RGB? Is it any good? This one is available in EU.

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    Just buy from China.
    Goldenstar or Opt Laser will be able to sell you a half decent analogue projector for not much cash.
    How much have you got/do you want to spend, and how powerful? You'll either get something up to about 1W total power, then it jumps to about 3W because of the size jump in the diodes.
    There is no middle ground unless you buy something that combines multiples of the lower power diodes but this then gets more expensive than the 3W units using singles of the higher power diodes.
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    I was also in your situation a little while ago
    if you don't want to spend a fortune on an analog projector for home use, as you have been advised, you should look at the chinese market
    a few years ago I had a goldenstar and I was happy with it
    now i'm finishing to assemble one for pure hobby purpose with an rgb module from opt, and for the price i have to say it doesn't look bad at all

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