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    Default Tarm 2.5 FB4 Showlaser

    The laser works perfectly, its like new and in very good condition (minimal scratches on the top of the bracket). He has few (about 35) operating hours and has the original packaging.
    The control via DMX and ILDA was never needed, the control via Ethernet cable works perfectly.

    The tarm 2.5 FB4 Showlaserprojector is a full color white light laser system with fully analogue color modulation, pure diode loading and already integrated Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' network interface. The guaranteed output power to optics is specified at 2'700mW. The advantages of this laser system include:

    2,700 mW guaranteed performance by optics
    already integrated Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' network interface
    including Pangolin Quickshow Show laser software
    Very fast scan speed of up to 45 kpps @ 8 ILDA for graphics projections
    High-precision diode arrays ensure a low beam diameter with excellent divergence of less than 1.0 mrad at full angle
    novel method for increasing the beam precision of the single-mode diodes
    pure diode laser
    beautiful colors and gradients
    the tarm two impresses with the very bright 638 nm single mode red

    The projector has very good beam characteristics with a beam diameter of about 3.5 mm and a divergence of less than 1.0 mrad (full angle).
    The tarm 2.5 FB4 is in a strong position in terms of laser power: red (750 mW / 638 nm), green (700 mW / 520 nm) and blue (1,500 mW / 450 nm) add up to a total output of more than 2,500 mW after optics.

    With 45 kpps at 8 ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 45 (@ 30 kpps), the scanners are very fast and therefore also suitable for more complex graphic projections and professional applications.
    Optionally available as an upgrade: CT-6210H Scanner incl. LAS Turboscan driver with 60 kpps @ 8 ILDA and a max. Scan angle of 60 (@ 35 kpps).

    Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max':

    The tarm 2.5 FB4 Showlaser already has an integrated Pangolin FB4 interface. The Pangolin FB4 is a network interface available with Pangolin Quickshow or Pangolin BEYOND (Pangolin BEYOND is available as a separate upgrade license). The Pangolin Quickshow is already included. Thanks to this interface, it is no longer necessary to use ILDA cables as the connection between the show laser and the control computer.

    Features of the Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' are:

    Control via Ethernet cable
    Automatic mode function via SD card
    Color display
    Control via DMX and ILDA possible

    The integrated color display offers various setting options:

    projector settings
    Network Settings
    color settings
    image corrections
    security settings

    The Pangolin FB4 'Max' network interface contains the Pangolin Quickshow Show laser software and offers the possibility to control the show laser via TCP / IP network, DMX512 or via SD card.

    Network Control:

    Simply connect a network cable (CAT5) from a computer running Pangolin Quickshow (downloadable from to the Pangolin FB4 Quickshow network port.

    DMX512 control:

    Simply connect a DMX cable (XLR 5pin) from a DMX console or DMX interface to the DMX IN connector of the Pangolin FB4 'Max'.


    Content can be created using the Pangolin software and then exported to the SD card (included). Now it is possible to output the content via the SD card. An additional computer is not needed.

    Further advantages of the tarm 2.5 FB4:

    The housing of the tarm 2.5 is very sturdy and dustproof, so that no air circulates inside. This reduces the maintenance of the systems to a minimum.
    The mounting bracket of the tarm two can be rotated, allowing both hanging and standing mounting of the laser.

    The tarm 2.5 is particularly suitable for show laser applications in discotheques and bars and can be operated by both beginners and professionals.
    Guaranteed performance according to optics: 2'700 mW
    Power Red: 700 mW / 638 nm
    Number of red single diodes: 4
    Green power: 750 mW / 520 nm
    Number of green single diodes: 1
    Power Blue: 1,500 mW / 450 nm
    Number of blue single diodes: 1
    Beam parameter (full angle): approx. 3.5 mm / <1.0 mrad
    Laser sources: Diode
    Laser Class: 4
    Operating Modes: Network Interface Pangolin FB4; DMX, ILDA
    Scanner: 45 kpps @ 8 ILDA; optional as upgrade: CT-6210H incl. LAS Turboscan driver: 60 kpps @ 8 ILDA, max. 60 (@ 35 kpps).
    Scan angle max .: max. 45
    Accessories: power cable, user manual, interlock, key
    Power supply: 85V - 250V / AC
    Power consumption: 100W
    Dimensions: 220/220/150 mm
    Weight: 7 kg

    Asking for $1900
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