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Thread: My loss may be your gain

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodman1369 View Post
    Just hope, when the Powers-That-Be Realized how Valuable You are, they showed appropriate appreciation.
    That's certainly a nice thought but, I am at the same rate of pay since June 1, 2012. However.... as a result of all this drama recently, I think it's become much more apparent to my employer that they really had no concept of just what all I actually do and have been doing for 11 years. Several people have all approached them with the same response, "Who are you going to find that can possibly do everything he does??? The thing is, for 11 years, they haven't had to be involved in their business here. They make an appearance from time to time but really have no idea what goes on. It's rewarding to know that they've had the confidence in me to not have to be involved in the day to day operation and, it's nice to not have a boss over your shoulder micro-managing, but as I said, they have no clue what I (we) actually go through and do. I have often said it's basically like being self employed but, I get a regular paycheck.
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