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Thread: Help for Tuning/Calibration of this LH-PT30K galvo

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    Default Help for Tuning/Calibration of this LH-PT30K galvo

    Hello guys, are you familiar with this LH-Laser PT30K galvo set. I need to tune this scanner because i have a lot of overshoots and the test pattern gives me "circle out, square in".

    Il attached my image of my galvo driver, i hope somebody can figure out what each trimpot represents for so i know where is my next technical adjustments. Right now i didnt touch anything here, because i don't wanna mess around on this only one device i have. I'm looking for an expert here or a specialist to calibrate my scanner.

    Here's some info from LH-Laser but i dont know which is which...

    Potentiometer description:

    - IS Input scale (adjusted only in factory)
    - SG Servo gain (power of the feedback signal for internal PID controller
    - LFD Low frequency damping (correct overshoot)
    - HFD High frequency damping (correct undershoot)
    - LIN Zero offset (electrical offset of the driver, adjusted only in factory)
    - PS Position scale (increases or decrease input sensitivity of the computer, DO NOT change it)

    Click image for larger version. 

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