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    Have experienced different thermal problems on assorted models (mostly kvants) wierdly taking a long time to fire up the OPSL on 30watt spectrums, random over heating of OPSL cuttign green out. Sometimes its the thermistor cable being loose. This time I think its a fan bearing ( output fan , don't think its input sounds and vibrates like its just one fan) on a kvant atom 12 gk. I want to try ordering the same sort of fan but it's hard since there aren't really hardware specs available from pangolin. I measured the physical size, and looked at label to get voltage, but I'm worried I'll make the wrong selection and it either wont fit snug, or I'll mess up the power or wiring. Is there anywhere I can find diagrams/schematics of kvants? These fans are buried pretty deep (looks like under baseplate)

    1-Do you think if its just one fan its not even worth worrying about?
    2-Send it back to kvant?
    3-Try it fix it with a 3rd party fan?

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    Buy a decent quality fan of same size and voltage and voltage type (AC/DC) and fit it. They're generally not complicated.
    If they've left the labels on them, you could just find an exact replacement, they're not having them OEMed specially for them.
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    In addition to matching the dimensions and voltage you'll want to look for something similar in terms of airflow and static pressure rating as well.

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    Why not ask pangolin. Iím sure they will sell you a replacement. Of all the companies Iíve dealt with they have the best customer service you could ask for.

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