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Thread: Martin Jem Technohaze Techno Haze Fluid Sensor

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    Default Martin Jem Technohaze Techno Haze Fluid Sensor

    Hi All

    Damo here, Wasn't sure where to post this, (couldn't find a Haze / Smoke area...)

    I'm still running a great but inefficient Martin / Jem TechnoHaze - Prob Mk1).

    The fluid level sensor has died - so temporarly have twisted the relevent wires together to bypass!!

    Question is: Does anyone know what the replacement part is and where to get it? Or - A equivelent part that would do the job?

    Sorry not to have made the last LEM Meet (August v.Busy for me!)

    Hope all is well,

    Damo / Damian / Damz.. xx

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    It's sometimes difficult to find the exact factory replacement parts for foggers and hazers, but I've had good luck with 3rd party suppliers in the past. I've replaced pumps and heating elements with generic components and had no issues, even though the parts all came from either E-bay or Amazon and were not branded the same as the parts that originally failed.

    I suspect you could do the same with the float switch. You said twisting the wires together bypassed the switch, so you want a "close on rising level" switch. Fog juice is pretty benign stuff, so pretty much any material (plastic or metal) will be fine.

    Here's one I found on for ~ $16.

    Or you could just be really careful to not run the pump dry!


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