Hey all... not sure exactly which section this should go in but, I was approached about doing a gig new years eve for House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ where I have done lasers before for a Pink Floyd tribute band and got friendly with the venue manager. Unfortunately I am going to be in Texas visiting my son, daughter in law and new granddaughter but I told him I'd put out the feelers to see if there was any interest. It's not a particularly large venue - old theater, concrete floor, brick walls, second floor has a bar and a catwalk with stairs leading down to the first level. 3' elevated stage and I think he's likely just got a dance party with DJ(s). Holds a just a few hundred. Truthfully someone with a couple 3 watt RGB's, Quickshow, a variance and some common sense will do fine in this venue. I have no idea what his budget is but if you're interested in details/contact info, PM me.