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Thread: FB4 external with Beyond Essentials

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    Default FB4 external with Beyond Essentials

    Hi looking to replace my fb3 with beyond essentials license, only option is to sell and buy new controller with license right, or is there a way to move a license?

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    To keep your Beyond license active, you would need to keep your FB3 connected to the computer even if you weren't actually using it to control a projector. (In effect, it would become a dongle.)

    If you buy a new FB4 controller it can still be used with your existing Beyond license as long as you keep your original FB3 hooked up as well. So you don't have to buy a new license each time you add a new controller.

    But if you wanted to sell the FB3, then yeah, you wouldn't be able to run Beyond anymore.

    The reason they can't transfer a license from one device to another is because the license is keyed to the serial number of the controller, and those serial numbers are burned into the hardware and can't be changed. (There's also some encryption baked in.) So if they issued you a new license file for the new controller for free, there would be nothing stopping you from continuing to use your old license file and your old controller. That's like giving you a free copy of Beyond, which might be great for you, but not so hot for their business model.


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