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Thread: Opinions on EMMA Light's higher power offerings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    But if cost is the primary driving factor and you are certain that the EMMA projector has at least 30K scanners (as in actually capable of 30K, not just claimed), then maybe the EMMA unit is the right choice for the OP.
    This is key.

    The way galvo's are spec'd is not the same cross manufacturer (or more specifically cross seller because there are only a few manufacturers)
    They are built and tuned and the ones that perform better are given a better spec. i find that the GT30's are true 30k at a reasonable price. They are matched with their driver board which is how they get the performance out of them (they are pre-tuned well)

    For instance;
    • Some say 30kpps when they really mean 30kpps at 5 degree optical
    • some will say 30kpps and mean 30k at the "standard" 8 degree optical
    • some will say 30kpps and mean 30k at 20 degree optical.
    • others will be somewhere in between

    This is why it is important to know exactly what is in the projector. Personally I build projectors so I always know the ACTUAL numbers (or at least the actual claimed numbers) before buying. You can be sure that projector companies like EMMA are going to use the least possible component. If its still cheaper to buy the "40kpps" version of the projector (or higher) then do it because those scanners will be at least 30k @ 8-20 degrees. Otherwise stick with something that you can be sure of..

    Alternatively you can buy whatever and upgrade it later. Then you have an extra set of galvos and can build an extra projector which you can upgrade later and the cycle repeats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by VJ AIWAZ
    well the opt cant compare to the fiber corrected GS
    I've got 10W fibre corrected and 10W Opt and I can't really tell much between them.
    I've not opened them up yet but do you know that they're not fibre corrected?

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