I posted this a few days ago on facebook as a option for laser companies out there to express their frustration and protest in the situation of current times.

I see the importance to make our voice heard. The entertainment/laser industry has been left out in the dark for so long right now with no clear end in sight and with a lack of support a lot of companies are put in a bad position.
So to make it accessible I optimized the "we create events" logo for 30kpps galvos and 1 projector (so you could deploy a projection easier.
30kpps (tuned) projector or better is required. (Distributed scanning in beyond is possible if desired).

File uploaded to mediafire to ensure it stays up: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7ogy16intjfg7dt/file

Important notes:

1. Heavy optimized graphic! Scan at a small angle and size up after! I do not take responsibility for your galvos if you don't do this! This is straining on your galvos.
2. Your galvos need to be tuned.. this only projects well at the speed the ilda test pattern looks good at
3. Very unforgiving color timing.. use color shift in projector settings to remove tailing lines/overshoots/undershoots.
4. Do not sell the file as is (but can be used in a commercial setting freely)