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Thread: Pangolin / Neo-Neon flashback 3 SE card info needed

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    Default Pangolin / Neo-Neon flashback 3 SE card info needed

    i got some pangolin / neo-neon flashback 3 SE cards with DMX and USB extension cards.
    on the sticker with the serial number it says NeoNeon CR and NeoNeon PRO

    i tried connecting these to quickshow (just with the USB cable) but there was no response.
    is it needed to connect a separate 5V power supply or is the 5V USB power supply enough?
    also no lights turn on on the card when connecting to USB

    also i read there was a special software from neoneon for these cards.

    anyone that could provide me with a link to the software or more info on these cards?

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    The SE required a separate 5V feed although a jumper could be added to the board headers to take its power from USB.
    I may have a picture of my old one around somewhere, or it could even be in an old post on the forum.

    Edit: yes I've found an old pic, but getting them from my phone to forum is a pain. Message me via my FB page in my signature and I can send it to you. Essentially on the USB daughter board there are 2 brass header holes off to the side of the USB socket (opposite side to the status LEDs)
    If you plug in USB and meter these you should see 5vdc. I just soldered in a 2 pin header and that meant i could easily remove the bridge if i wanted to run on external power (back in the days when I was thinking about using the SD card for standalone play)
    Probably not needed these days.
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    There is a jumper on the USB board what You have to shorten for USB powered operation.
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