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Thread: Presidents Dog Less Expensive and Tougher then Secret Service?

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    Default Presidents Dog Less Expensive and Tougher then Secret Service?

    Is it time to replace the USSS with Canines?

    Joe Biden's dog bit more people than disclosed, emails show (

    Sorry, just got tired of reading the Crazy-J headline, which should have faded away.

    Poor Major, he probably wanted Daddy to stay and play, but all these folks in suits were whisking Daddy away.

    You would have thought they would have sent him off for training as a working dog to keep him busy. If each agent had a few pieces of steak, after behavior conditioning, they would have had a new team member, and a good one, at that. Perhaps some time on the South Lawn with an eyesafe laser pointer, a ball, a tug rope, and the Agents in the evenings?

    Shepherds are known as "The Brain on a Chain", if he was nipping, he had a good reason.

    I do have a great deal of respect for the Secret Service, having worked with them more than once at work. This is just a morale boosting little bark, a lark...

    I have no idea why "Secret Service Lied" over a Dog's behavior is national news and popped up at work. Doesn't the Mutt have a right to some privacy?

    End Sarcastic Post. Have a good Woof!

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    Certainly less expensive, but I wouldn't go for tougher.
    Though probably a lot more adorable!
    Alexandra from dog training videos

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