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Thread: Coherent Compass ZT-15/150 laser questions.

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    Default Coherent Compass ZT-15/150 laser questions.

    Howdy all.
    I recently received a laser engraver and a spare laser for the engraver.
    It is a Coherent Compass ZT-15/150.
    Does anyone have any background information on this system.Wavelengths, peak pule powers, ect. I ran the replacement system for a minute to get used to running it.
    thanks to Kevin of Starlight Photonics for these systems. I will have quite a good time engraving and etching with them.
    Will there be three phase!!!!

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    ... the laser source seems to be a diode head with something like 10W@1064nm and 1W@808nm ... this diode-head is then maybe used for pumping a green laser for marking?

    Here a find for this laser source -

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