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Thread: SELEM 2022 Sign-up Thread

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    Thumbs up SELEM 2022 Sign-up Thread

    15th annual South Eastern Laser Enthusiast's Meeting (SELEM 2022)
    Sunday, July 31st through Friday, August 5th
    at the Executive Banquet and Conference Center in Newark, Delaware.

    Register via Paypal:
    Be sure to include a note to specify your shirt size (Sizes: Small to 4X)
    and the type of shirt you want (Polo or T-shirt).
    Extra shirts are $20 each.

    Early registration - Now through May 27th (Guaranteed a shirt) $139 EARLY REGISTRATION PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED
    Standard registration - May 28th through July 1st (Guaranteed a shirt) $169 STANDARD REGISTRATION PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED
    Late registration or at the door – July 2nd through the end of the event (no guarantee of a shirt) $199

    Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

    ================================================== ==========================

    Guests are free to attend. Generally, guests are family or friends of the people who have registered to attend. Guests may share some interest in lasers or laser shows, but guests are not laserists themselves. If they are, they should register as attendees and not guests. Please do not abuse this policy.

    Teenage children are allowed to attend if they are mature enough to follow rules and be responsible. Young children (under 13) are discouraged from attending, and may only attend if they are continually supervised by a parent or guardian. Note that all minors must have a parent present at the event.

    Liability waivers (see attached .pdf file) will be required for all persons (this includes registered attendees and all guests). Minors will need a parent to sign their waiver. When you arrive, go to the sign-in area in the lobby to sign your waiver. (There will be a sign at the sign-in table so you know where to go.)

    Once your waiver is signed, you will be issued a lanyard with a name badge, and if you registered in time (before July 1st) you will receive your official SELEM shirt. (Extra shirts for yourself or your guests are completely optional and may be purchased in advance for $20.) As posted above, be sure you specify your choice of either a polo or T-shirt when you register. (No preference specified means you get a Polo.)

    Also, just a reminder that ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND, ESPECIALLY FIREARMS, WILL BE PERMITTED AT SELEM. THIS INCLUDES ALL INDOOR SPACES AS WELL AS THE OUTDOOR AREAS SURROUNDING THE BUILDING AND ALL PARKING LOTS. If you have a concealed-carry permit, leave your weapon in your car and don't park it at the venue. No exceptions to this policy.

    Event Schedule:

    Sunday, July 31st: Start at 10 AM, run until 7-9 PM as needed. This is load-in and set-up. As before, we will have “Club-SELEM” to the left side of the ballroom, and the ”auditorium” space to the right. The main lobby will be the "show off space", and the area to the right of the lobby will be used for presentations. The “buy-sell-trade” area will be in the kitchen service hallway, and the ion laser work room will be at the far right of the kitchen service hallway near the loading dock. We will have both 208/240 3 phase as well as 480v 3 phase available in the area near the loading dock. Even if you are not bringing any equipment to SELEM, you are still welcome (and encouraged!) to come help out with the load-in. (Seriously! We really could use the help!!!) Once load-in is completed, we will all get together for dinner out at a local restaurant.

    Monday, August 1st through Thursday, August 4th: Start at 10 AM, run until at least midnight, if not later. Typical SELEM activities running all day in various spaces inside the hall. We plan to extend until 2 AM on Wednesday and Thursday night.

    Friday, August 5th: Start at 10 AM, run until 4 PM. Pack-up, load-out, clean-up, and say your goodbyes. We have a *tight* time schedule for load-out this year, so we need everyone’s cooperation to get things moved out and cleaned-up fast, because as soon as we are out, they will be loading in for the special event below.

    Friday night, August 5th: Special event starts at 7:00 PM. Select SELEM veterans will be performing live lasers and video effects to accompany a 10-piece Pink Floyd tribute band as they perform a public concert in the hall. (This is the same band that played for us at SELEM 2021 on Thursday night.) There will be a buffet and a cash bar. (Expect doors to open at 7 PM, with the band starting at ~ 8:30 PM.)

    All SELEM attendees are invited to stay and attend the concert for free, but if you want to eat at the buffet you will need to purchase a ticket for that. (Details on pricing to be posted soon.) As stated above, some SELEM veterans will be operating the lasers and video for this show. (Note: We are donating our time and equipment to make this happen.) The goal here is to build goodwill with the venue that will keep SELEM affordable for the foreseeable future, just like we did in Newton with the outdoor concerts put on by the symphony orchestra.

    NOTE: We are not allowed to bring our own alcohol into the building at any time during SELEM. However, we will have a cash bar open from 7PM-Midnight on Wednesday and Thursday night. (This also helps build goodwill with the venue, as it is extra revenue for them.)

    Venue Layout Details:

    Front half of the ballroom (to the right, or the stage side, of the dividing wall) will be used for running pre-choreographed graphics and abstract shows, along with pre-choreographed multi-projector beam shows, just like we used to do in the auditorium. Front of house will be at the stage end of the room to the far right, with the dividing wall serving as the main display surface for graphics and abstracts.

    Back half of the ballroom (to the left, or the emergency exit side, of the dividing wall) will be "Club-SELEM" and will be dedicated to live beam shows. Front of house will be on the kitchen-end of the room (primary projection direction rotated 90 degrees compared to the layout for the “auditorium” side). Laser control consoles will be available for those who want to try their hand at running a show "live", and we will probably have a few live DJs set up as well. We hope to have the inflatable planetarium dome set up in this space again like we did last year.

    Front lobby near main entrance will be the "enthusiast display space", or as I like to call it, the show-off room! The purpose of this space is to showcase home-made projectors, laser modules, electronics projects, computers, and any other cool hobby items, regardless of whether they are related to lasers or not. Space is going to be tight in here, so please be cautious. Note: we can extend this area down the hall to the left if we want.

    The long kitchen service hallway will be the buy / sell / trade area. Tables and racks will be set up along one side of the hallway for people to display the stuff they're selling. There may also be some projector repair going on here, so long as it doesn't block people's ability to move down the hallway. (It's a very wide hallway.)

    The area near the loading dock will be the ion laser work area. There could be exposed high voltage and/or high-power beams in this space! Always ask before approaching this area.

    Outdoor patio area will be used for drinks, food, and snacks. In case of rain we will need to move the food inside, either into the commercial kitchen area or to one of the offices or storage spaces. Lunch and dinner will be provided Monday-Thursday, and as mentioned above, we will have a cash bar open on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Also, please remember that we can't bring our own alcohol in from outside.

    The right half of the main lobby (near the bar window) will be used for training and special presentations during the day, and as a social gathering area at night. Also, just like last year, the Z-5 analog console will be set up in the far right corner.

    More information concerning the presentation schedule and sign-up information for show display time slots will be coming soon. Also, as we finalize details for the live concert on Friday those will be posted here as well.

    Travel and Lodging info:

    If you will be flying to SELEM, the two closest airports are Baltimore Washington International (BWI) and Philadelphia International (PHL). Philadelphia is closer, but even BWI is only about an hour and 15 minutes by car from the venue. (Unless the traffic on I95 is bad...) Note that there is a $4 toll on I95 right where you cross over from Maryland into Delaware, which is right where the venue is located. Thus, if you are staying at a hotel in Maryland, you don't want to get on the Interstate to get to the venue each day. Instead, avoid I95 and take the secondary roads when you go to and from the venue each day. It only adds about a mile to your drive, and it saves you 8 bucks a day in tolls! See this post for details.

    Last year most people stayed at the Holiday Inn Express located on Elkton Rd in Elkton, Maryland. Their direct number is (443) 350-9154. Still working on negotiating a group rate – details to follow. NOTE: Be sure to call the hotel directly to book a room. That way you can tell them you are with the “SELEM Laser Group”. This is how they track the size of our group, which helps us get better rates in the future. If you book it on-line, most of the time the group code information is lost. (This is what happened last year.) EDIT: We tried 3 separate times to set up a group rate, and each time they said they would have a manager call back, but this never happened. So we do not have a group rate for this year. Sorry folks! NEW EDIT: It turns out we were able to get a group rate after all. If you've already booked your room, call them back and tell them you want the "SELEM Laser Group" rate. Also, be sure to mention this at the front desk when you check in. This thread has more details about the off-again, on-again group rate saga.)

    There is also a very nice Bed and Breakfast that is just down the street from the HIE. It's called The Elk Forge B&B Inn. Their number is (410) 392-9007. The place is similar to the Trott House Inn that many of us stayed at in Newton, but the Elk Forge B&B is much bigger. They have 14 rooms, 6 of which are multi-room suites. Some of the suites even have a full kitchen! Rates range from $129 to $250 per night, but the larger rooms and suites can comfortably sleep several people. If you are traveling with a buddy or two, you can save some money by sharing one of these larger spaces and splitting the cost vs booking separate hotel rooms. Still working on negotiating a group rate for this facility as well – details to follow.

    As always, we're open to more ideas! If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them below. And remember, registration is now open. The longer you wait to sign up, the more it costs, so sign up early!

    List of registered attendees:

    Jeremy Cassell
    Baptist Bob
    Julie (X-Laser)
    Michael (X-Laser)
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    Where is everybody?
    Payment sent.
    XL T-shirt please! (thank you for the t-shirt option again this year, wasn't sure it was going to be repeated).

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    Hi Hank,

    I think we will see things pick up as the week goes on. Things have been a little quiet here on PL, but now that we're ramping up for SELEM, I'm hoping that we'll see more activity in all of the forums.

    As for the T-shirts, yeah, it wasn't nearly as much of a problem as I thought it would be last year. Plus, the T-shirts are really nice quality (as you pointed out), so I decided to offer that option again this year. So long as things continue to go smoothly, I think this will be a permanent option from now on.


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    Default Mike will be there

    Im in will bring the dome out and set up where it was last year.

    XL for me as well thanks

    Dreamcaster Multimedia
    Visit our website:

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    Payment sent!!!!
    Med T-shirt please.

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    Payment Sent! XL Shirt please.

    We just bought a new lighting rig, would the band appreciate some lighting?

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    Good question about the lighting rig, Dustin. I'll defer to Brad, as he has worked with the band several times and knows what they have and what they might want or need. Unfortunately, Brad is traveling to the UKLEM today, so it might be a while before he's back in touch.


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    Yes, there is a need for traditional lighting. I own some too but, don't have a proper lighting board. Knowing that lighting is taken care of would be welcomed.
    PM Sent...

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    Payment sent!
    Medium shirt for me please.
    Looking forward to it!

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    Just sent the registration (Kevin D). Size medium T-shirt.

    I'm bringing my Traktor DJ setup with a new Xone 96 mixer for Club SELEM. Dual sound cards on the mixer means 2 computers can connect simultaneously with Traktor, Serato, or other DJ software. I would also welcome the addition of any standalone media players (CDJ/XDJ or similar) if anyone wants to DJ without a computer.

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