A quick heads up that the latest version of the IEC laser display safety standards document IEC TR 60825-3:2022 has recently been published.

The new safety standards document is the culmination of seven years work with input from laser safety experts across the world contributing to make IEC TR 60825-3:2022 the most thorough and up to date published resource on the subject. It covers a whole range of technical and procedural practices that are likely to be part of todayís laser shows.

With the United States having its own Z136.10 ANSI standard reaching its final stages before publication, the IEC standards document is instead intended for European and the rest of the world, where it is more likely to be adopted and published locally. The IEC version can be obtained from https://webstore.iec.ch/publication/64984 The local version in the UK is adopted and published through the British Standards Institute.

Itís a paid document only unfortunately, and unless you have a standards subscription itís not particularly low cost to purchase. But for the professional is worth it. It should also be possible to view the document through local public libraries, in the reference section, and also education establishments.

Iíve put a few more details on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LaserSafety/
and our website has a more detailed blog https://www.lvroptical.com/entertain...-guidance.html

Happy reading!