Hello friends,

I put into operation older laser sources HAAS-LASER/TRUMPF HL1006D, HL2006D and HL124P, which were already non-functional, partially disassembled. I have quite a lot of experience with this and I have already put 3 machines into working condition and I can share this experience with you and help with commissioning, if you have such a machine.

I have been looking for instructions for commissioning HL353D-2006D marked "inbetriebnahmeanweisung fuer Lasergeraete HL356D-2006D" and sub marked like "21-01-23-CF", this is the manual I am looking for the procedure of proper adjustment of optics and things around the guided beam. I have special tools for this, I can in return provide you with the procedure as I did and what is needed or help with the whole recovery.

Thanks in advance!