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Thread: realtime 3D graphics preview

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    Quote Originally Posted by decix View Post
    Testing for my site is finally done, time to go public. Take a look here if you are interested (click 'Laserframes' for previews on the 3D-Stuff).

    Question to Pangolin: Will you give us a hint when something new will be released? We're all waiting for BEYOND which was announced for 'later this year'. Now it's almost over...
    nice pix thers Decix! could you tell us a bit more about the dual blue you have? (or did I miss something in another thread?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoof View Post
    here's me messing around with the 3D stuff a bit more....

    Any graphic can be loaded from ILDA or SVG and be animated in the 3D world. Animations can be loaded as well. The 3D core is nearly perfected. The vid still shows a minor artifact but that has been solved already. Most of the effort went into good clipping routines but it was worth it. The 3D core will properly process any graphic thrown at it, 3D and 2D. Now all I need is more time to complete a demo version....

    Zoof : I must say I`m extremly impressed over you skillz in programming :-D
    Ceep up the good work :-)

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    Hi,i just want to say you did a good job.I like your sharing.I am a .net barcode program designer and my work is to generate 2 of 5 barcode in program.Sometimes i also need to refer to realtime 3D graphics.

    I am looking for Python compatible 3D graphics. Mostly I would like to be able to draw lines and view them in 3D. I literally have no experience in this area and am looking for knowledge and tutorials.

    I learn programming best by experimentation. So which packages do I need to do 3-D graphics? I really enjoy using emacs, so if you have those suggestions as well that would be awesome!

    Which packages do I need for 3D graphics in python?I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and emacs 24.3.

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