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Thread: 1x ilda in - 5x ilda out - help

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    I'm in for sure. Currently I'm just using a soundcard DAC, but I will soon be getting an FB3, so I'll need whatever will work best with it. My DIY scanner is simple, TTL modulation, single ended on everything. I'm not sure about my Chinese RGB job.. any way to tell which it is? I was told it has Analog modulation. I recently got it and I haven't used it with anything but DMX.. the DMX frames that are built in don't utilize analog modulation, so I'm not 100% sure.
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    me personally -

    pin 25 gound

    are the only ones i use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mixedgas View Post
    Lm348 is outdated. Its a quad 741 clone and has offset and gain bandwidth restrictions in the differential application.

    TL082 is the minimum for laser signals these days and there are much better ones then the 082 out there.

    In fact, you want something that can swing rail to rail, to keep the headroom down so you can use a inverter module and only need a wall wart for power.

    Thanks for the input, but for me its the LM348 ALL THE WAY. I have been using the LM348 for 15 years and it has never failed me. I have beat the hell out of my op-amps before and the only op-amp that was left running after gig after gig.

    Back in the day everyone used the TL084. I don't find that I need high frequency bandwidth or the need to use it on a wall wart.

    I find that the laser systems I design must be bullet proof. Power consumption is not a factor. I'm looking for highly reliable, redundant operation with a higher output current to allow for larger cable runs.

    I have systems that have been in use everyday since 1997 that are still functioning with 12 hour a day operation. I know there are younger cuter slimmer models of IC's out there but with the LM348 all I have to do is wink and she knows what I want her to do.

    P.S. Why wouldn't you use another opamp to invert? Just curious?

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    quote: P.S. Why wouldn't you use another opamp to invert? Just curious?

    Because Chinese galvos use a 2 wire differential input, and the origional poster wanted to adapt commercial sound card level shifter boards. Those boards he wanted to adapt are single ended, so they would need to invert one channel to get diff, as the alternative is to have to cut a lot of traces on the level shifter and change 2 Rs to make half the amps on the board non inverting.

    For many of the non EE or ET types here, adapting the level shifter kit to +/-10 to get full deflection to drive a diff pair single ended with one side grounded is not in their skill set.

    ILDA standard is differential anyways, so we should support the standard, and thats 2 opamps for the signal lines or a dedicated national or AD differential sender chip either way.

    for protection:
    I just stick a 100 or 330 ohm R from the opamp output to the cable load and take the feedback from the load side of the resistor, instant burnout proof for 25 cents at the cost of a small amount off the max cable length and a few mV of offset. But I'm nutz as the mad hatter.

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