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    Default Is priceless

    Quote Estimated Worth $2314.1 USD by websiteoutlook.COM


    then again I might have just posted this because I'm tired of
    seeing a certain title every time I logged in. NOT!

    Qui habet Christos, habet Vitam!
    I should have rented the space under my name for advertising.
    When I still could have...

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    Those "site analysis" engines are a kooky breed.

    The "score" and subsequent value is weighted heavily for reciprocal links, "google page rank" and other miscreant crap that I don't even pretend to care about like "potential ad-sense revenue times an arbitrary multiplier based on external references" that supposedly determines how many hits PL receives. Its ostensibly phrased educated guess was off by an order of magnitude when I checked the stats page here.

    I was curious after someone brought up another one of those sites in the past so I monitored the logs and checked while it was hitting the site.

    It made exactly one hit. To the index page. So apparently *only* the hex retardoface I made is worth $2k.

    Seriously undervalued in my opinion.

    My "less than professional opinion" is that these sites are for bloggers who ascertain their self worth through these evaluations.

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    Them: Daily Pageview: 585

    Month of June.
    Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Jul 01 2009 at 2:30 AM.
    Successful requests: 3,522,210 (885,697)
    Average successful requests per day: 117,385 (126,528)
    Successful requests for pages: 719,465 (245,558)
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 23,977 (35,079)
    Failed requests: 6,566 (222)
    Redirected requests: 2,903 (132)
    Distinct files requested: 233,176 (9,934)
    Distinct hosts served: 11,700 (1,030)
    Data transferred: 23.69 gigabytes (6.10 gigabytes)
    Average data transferred per day: 808.37 megabytes (892.90 megabytes)

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