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Thread: LivePRO: All self-created frames default to "High saturation"

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    Question -removed-

    problem solved...
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    As I tend to be very busy these days, and travel from time to time, it might have been weeks, or even months, before I had seen this post.

    And myself and one other person are the only two people on earth who can possibly fix this problem (and only myself looks at this forum).

    It makes absolutely no sense to broadcast this to the world. But it makes absolutely perfect sense to send a message like this to Pangolin so that we can look into it immediately and fix it, and then send you software to test.

    And lastly, you've written to me today about a problem you found with LC-4D, and I've already written back to you (and to Cathleen to coordinate a fix) a few hours later. We're already working on a solution because you wrote to us directly.

    So with all of this being said, why make public comments about private problems? It just makes no sense folks...


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