re:50w DILAS active QSwitch solid state laser diode

  1. RichardNield
    Could I request assistance with some issues with an SSLE laser machine.

    1. A 50w DILAS Q Switched solid state pulsed laser
    2. The system changes 808nm (red) - 1064nm and frequency doubles to 532nm (green). The Q Switching powers it further to engrave in glass
    3. The system converting to green (doubling), we don't know why? I have seen a weak diode still double to green, so I am not convinced it is the diode power?
    4. We tested the RF Q Switch frequency generator using a 20w 50 ohm dummy load/ resister on a heatsink, which became hot to touch, so we assume the RF generator is producing signal, though we cannot confirm the Q Switch is switching.

    I really need some direction.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Richard Nield
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